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mixtape / EP: "STN MTN / Kauai" (2014)

Dream / Southern Hospitality / Partna Dem lyrics - Childish Gambino


I had a dream I ran Atlanta
and I was on every radio station, and 107.9 was 97.5 again
And they played me at Golden Glide on Friday
And they played me real loud on the street
we drive up Memorial Drive, up Wesley Chapel
I'd reopen 112, and Jazzy T's. I'd bring back Turner Field
I'd fire at all the cops in Cobb county
Chick-Fil-A will be open on Sundays. I bring back LaFace Records, Freaknik
Kilo Ali, Lou. I got J.R. Crickets some Spelman girls with big booties
I reopen SciTrek, strippers will get Mother's day off
and I'd have my own Gangsta Grillz mixtape

[Southern Hospitality]

"Hey this is Steve Smith from "American Dad", and this is Royalty"
"Stone Mountain!"

[DJ Drama:]
Hehehe, this what y'all been waitin' for?
Hehehe, in Gambino we trust {"GANGSTA!!"}
Royalty is forever; DJ Drama, is forever {"GANGSTA GRIZILLS!!"}
Y'all ready? Gambino, get 'em!

Yeah.. yeah, got 'em!
I ain't no snitch, cops I don't trust 'em
I ain't no bitch, all I do is run 'em
I ain't no snitch, cops I don't trust 'em {"Dramatic"}
I ain't no bitch, all I do is run 'em
Nigga I was stunin', keep that shit a hunnid
If it ain't about the money then it's not up for discussion
If it ain't about-

[DJ Drama:]
DJ Drama!
After sellin' out the Georgia Dome 3 nights in a row
After selling 10 million copies of his newest album, Roscoe's Wetsuit, in one week
After successfully petitioning to recarve his own face into Stone Mountain
Stone Mountain~! He's still givin' you niggas a free mixtape?!
Why Gambino? Why young guy? Why so generous? {"GANGSTA!!"}

Yeah.. yeah
I, I ain't no snitch, cops I don't trust 'em
I ain't no bitch, all I do is run 'em
Nigga I was stunin', keep that shit a hunnid
If it ain't about the money then it's not up for discussion
If it ain't about progress, ain't about success
Why this nigga suspect? You ain't seen sus yet
I'ma fuck the game so hard like Tiffany
Niggas takin' shots, I'm like "Nigga don't tempt me"
I seen what you make, yeah them shows sold out
But you doing clubs and I'm doin' like all out, things
Why the hell he rappin' if he all out, sings?
Royalty the movement, we all out, kings
For real, 'Bino on a mission
We are not friends, nigga this is business
Girl this my dream, ain't no split decisions
Watch me cut this bitch off, I'ma need some scissors
Mama in the kitchen, hot sauce on them chitlins
I was always spittin', just that no one else was listenin'
Got your girl and now we kissin', she attracted to my vision
Now she see what she was missin', now she act a little different
Tellin' you she need some distance; yeah come on over, we can talk about it
Now this nigga mad, yeah he thought about it
But he don't really want it, semen on her stomach
That's a second comin'/cumin' - Jesus!
Flow so genius, can't low-key this
Puffin' on a swisha like a hoe smoke penis
They want me Uncle Remus but I'm just flexin' on 'em
Heheheheh [gun cocks, BLAM]

[Partna Dem]

This on some old Atlanta shit
But I like it cause.. it's not about, what you know, but who you know
Know what I'm sayin' {"Beatmonster!"}

Royalty my partner dem, no one else might partner dem
Stay strapped with that arsenal, these niggas winnin', it's hard to tell
Move over, we about to take over
Slide up in them DMs, her nigga didn't even notice, I'm focused
Yeah I'm the man of the hour, play me on Power, play me on Hot
Nigga I'm hot, nigga don't stop, flow so cold put a cherry on top
Haters so mad, he ain't even know why, probably all the autonomy
Fuck all your feelings, I'm proud of me; head was so good it's psychology
Goddamn, I'm just bein' who I am
From this weird ass little kid to this ballin' ass grown man
Man this beat is going so HAM, flow been burr since Novem'
Chain been burr since Novem', that means cold, I'm just sayin', we ain't playin'
If your man don't want to lick it, I'll volunteer as tribute
You niggas on them (Hunger Games), I'm eatin' O's like onion rings
I kill them hoes so constantly, I ain't even gotta sugar coat it
See them titties, wanna motorboat it (brrrr) I'm (Dopaliscious) like SpottieOttie
Y'all don't know me, run the world, turnin' up like that little girl whose like
"Ay, ay, ay - turn up!"
Tell them niggas it's tax season; Atlanta, Georgia, that's black Sweden
I'm such a martyr, die for the game; I'm such a MARTA I'm runnin' trains like whoo!

Yeah, slow that shit, slow that shit
Let me hear it

Fucks Given lyrics - Childish gambino

[DJ Drama:]
She texted me today; she said she hate me
Sh-she's not the first
She probably won't be the last
Hehehe, I don't give a fuck (hahahah)

I came here to do my own shit
I came here to do my own shit
No, fucks, given (fucks, given)
No, fucks, given

What you know about me? No one else can do it like me, no one else can do it like me
I was checkin' I.D; she don't look 18 (no) she don't know 18, no
I was doin' my thing, you know I was tossin' that green; we ain't even on the same team
We ain't even hit her with the real shit, I'ma show these motherfuckers you ain't really seem real (WHOOP!)
Ahh, I'mma do it for the real niggas
When them boys ain't feelin' ya; real only see real nigga
Heard of Bino man that boy amazin' (amazin') you don't hear me cause a nigga blazin' (blazin')
Oh you don't want a problem
You don't want yo' man to solve 'em, naw


I'm killin' these niggas off a mixtape and most these niggas out been fake
Me and my niggas all homeless, we ain't hear shit that y'all told us
We was gettin' money, you ain't gettin' money, all we did was study, all we did was study
We don't give a fuck about status, girls and you know I got baddest
Just cut her off, she the saddest, wish a nigga would like Aladdin
No chill, dress code I'm like "Oh well"
She ain't seen my hotel, man them numbers don't bode well
War is hell; this ain't war but I'm beefin' nigga, my ether nigga - WHOO!!
I don't fuck with the fake shit, more green than a spaceship
We don't fuck with y'all, no way, y'all ain't got no taste
Rap is not bold face, now we in the mix
If you broke we can fix it, sayin' I ain't doin' things, look at this shit
Look at this shit, look at this shit



No Small Talk lyrics - Childish Gambino (feat. Kari Faux)

[DJ Drama:]
As time goes on (Hello? Hello?)
Your talk keeps gettin' smaller (Hello? Hello?)
As Childish lives in his short shorts (Hello? Hello?)
He's got no time for your short money (Hello? Hello?)

Two gold chains and I still don't never wear 'em
Why would I wear 'em? Cheese like a camera
Spendin' money son a bitch nigga like Sanford
I'm lookin' in the mirror, I'm like "Damn, I'm so handsome"
If it ain't 'bout that money, why a young god answer?
Ghost on my wrist (wrist) got me so Casper
Flow so cold, watch them haters get asthma
And every time we fuckin', man she think that's the last one

[Chorus - Kari Faux:]
Bitch I'm takin' calls, no small talk (no small talk)
Bitch I'm takin' calls, no small talk
Bitch I'm takin' calls, no small talk (I'm takin', I'm takin', I'm takin')
Bitch I'm takin' calls, no small talk (no small talk)
Bitch I'm takin' calls, no small talk
Bitch I'm takin' calls, no small talk (no small talk)
Bitch I'm takin' calls, no small talk (I'm takin', I'm takin', I'm takin')
Bitch I'm takin' calls, no small talk (no small talk)

[Kari Faux:]
Three cellphones and I still don't ever call 'em
Why would I call 'em? Bitch you know I'm ballin'
Spendin' money, make it bounce back like Spalding (swish)
Got a new nigga and he say he from New Orleans (lil woadie!)
And he ain't talkin' money nigga, why the fuck you talkin'
All my bitches bossy, all my diamonds flossy
Rap game sriracha man you know I'm saucy
I got a white dude in Boston, he whip an Audi (skrrt!)

[Chorus - first 1/2]

Young 'Bino, we be mobbin', you don't see me, I'm on an island
These haters left us no choice, leave the trap like so moist
Little rock like dope boys, oh my God, I'm out of fucks
Colombian but she ain't a plug (whoo!) - that's racist
In '96 I had K-swiss, you 96 with some fake bitch
And I 69'd with a bunch of dimes and that money talk my language
Head game so Cambridge, goddamn, you dirty bitch
You were lettin' me bust in it but if they ask I plead the fifth

[Kari Faux:]
Okay this the part where I need y'all to make it bounce like Spalding (yeah)
Make it bounce, make it bounce like Spalding
Make it bounce, make it bounce like Spalding
Make it bounce, make it bounce like Spalding
Make it bounce, make it bounce like Spalding
Make it bounce, make it bounce like Spalding
Got a, new nigga and he
And he, and he, and he say he from New Orleans


Money Baby lyrics - Childish Gambino

I like smokin' loud, I like being me
I might drop them bars, that AT&T
I like makin' moves, I like being King
If you like that ballin', I show you what that ballin' be

Money baby, money baby, money baby
Money baby, money baby, money baby
Money baby, money baby, money baby

Fly girl, she named Beatle
Clothes off, she don't need 'em
Animals, she don't eat 'em
Hungry for it, I feed her, uh, I feed her
You already know that I feed her
I don't mess with them fuck boys, she said I don't either
She said I'm gone eat her, attitude so diva
Got a big place like Scarface, treat her ass like Elvira
Skin tone godiva, smokin' on that cheeba
Girl you got me so hypnotized that thang be givin' me fever
Let me get it
Take her to Kauai, threw up on the beach
Fucked on the floor, we ain't gotta speak
Beach, getting high like a motherfuck
Royalty the team so you know what's up
Kitty so good, let me beat it up, kitty so good I could sleep in it
Hollow tip flow sending shots to my enemies
Niggas who tried to Nick Cannon me
Thoughts were so bad that I pleaded insanity
Bottles, I pop me a case
Live on the radio bought me a place
This is my summer of love
Yea, these bitches is down
But never put nothin' above


Kick it like Kazuya
This game is how we maneuver
There's plenty fish in the sea and I treat them groupies like grouper
My life inside a computer, back up, my soul to the cloud
Funny we show 'em class and they call me the class clown
Money is in my jeans, best believe that it's passed down
Got the room thumpin, she tell me don't stop
I mean really don't stop
I must be doing something
Something really on point, something really on point
Now she look back at it
But she give me that look when I gotta dip out
Stop being Dramatic
Can't nobody do it like this
Forgot her name as soon as I hit
Got that buzz, the phone was silent
Run the game, that's us
Fort Knox, gold bars
Let us get it on both sides, I did it all, no cosign
And I'm ballin' like I give a fuck
Now they know it's us
Smokin' like she wanna fuck
We are not in love, she's a grownup
And I'm so childish
Still that's my bitch
Waste our time with all this


Move That Dope / Nextel Chirp / Let Your Hair Blow lyrics - Childish Gambino (feat. Young Scooter)

[Move That Dope]

Whippin' the Lam', whippin' and grippin' the Lam'
Niggas like 'bino the man, I was like damn
I was allergic to not makin' money, the timing was perfect
They used to not pay him no never mind
Niggas these numbers don't ever lie
Fuck wit' your boy like a pedophile
Damn I'm fly, I'm so high I might need a spaceship
I'm on acid, this bitch is basic
We them niggas y'all love to hate on
But when you see us y'all never say shit
Conversation, I'm in that, top 5, I'm in rap
Pussy niggas, y'all say shit and don't do shit
Flew your girl to Saint Lucia
Oh, these niggas are not from Atlanta, these niggas are not from Atlanta
Cause I'm from Atlanta and we would just handle it
Struggle rap, Canibus
Amethyst, my weed purple
Rap game, I'm Steve Urkel, Urquelle
She want some pics, I'm like "oh well, you better Google search"
Money rule my universe
Nigga we made it
We had the beat and then we heard the verse and said "nigga we hate it"
Livin' my life like I'm Jaden (Smith)
Tesla the color of Satan (whip)
Bitches are mine for the takin'
I understand why you hate us

[Nextel Chirp]

[Hook 2x:]
Hit me on my Nextel chirp, when you heard that (brrrp brrrp), mean that nigga got some work
Yeah, my cousin used to serve 'em, now he learning how to walk
If you really from Atlanta then you heard this shit before
Yeah, you know, uh

Yes I be the man, who you tellin'?
Smokin' on that loud, what you smellin'?
Cops want a nigga for the sport
Hundred dollars, can't afford it
Made my momma cry in court
Fuck them niggas
Fulton County, Cobb County, see the twelve be out
See you wit' your friends and break you up cause you hanging out
Learn to talk about, what you talkin' 'bout?
Never on the phone, had to do it on my own
Took a minute, now we on, yeah
Scooter got the Street Lottery, that's a classic
Cause it be showin' niggas how to be when you passin'
That white girl, that white girl, Niykee Heaton, yeah
I might girl, I might girl, are you eatin' though?
Patience, congratulations, I'm on my A shit
I met this dude while on vacation, I didn't say shit
When he was talkin' all that bullshit about the nation
His daughter, I just gave a facial, my reparations

Uh, it's a new black renaissance
Uh, all that wack shit Jay be on
Uh, what's the type of shit that they be on
Uh, what's the type of shit that they be on

[Let Your Hair Blow]

[Scratches and Rewinds]

[Young Scooter:]
Let the top down and let your hair blow [x6]
You got a perfect body, all natural
Body that the superstar lookin' for
Hey baby, let's just go for a ride, okay

[Hook - Young Scooter:]
Let the top down and let your hair blow
Let the top down and let your hair blow
You got a perfect body, all natural
Body that the superstar lookin' for
Let's ride and let the top down
Let your hair blow, ride and smoke out
We party on the Interstate, shut I-20 down
Even in the winter flexin' with the top down

Top down, let 'em see a king
East side, East side, I'm just bein' me
I'm just seein' Gs, I'm just makin' culture
I just say the realest shit and hope it don't insult you
On stage, yellin' crazy shit
I was high but I meant that shit
Let it out, gotta vent that shit
Play me loud, that's event music
I don't swear to God, I just swear to me
I don't think there's anything I couldn't be
All we know is trust, that's the R O Y A L T Y
Please don't ask a king what it's hard to be

[Hook - Young Scooter]

AssShots Remix lyrics - Childish Gambino (feat. Royalty)

[Intro - DJ Drama (Childish Gambino):]
Is it too much to ask for lyrics?
(Alright, alright)
(Royalty has never done a track together)
I mean it's 2014 man, c'mon really
(Well I thought we would get everybody on the same track)
You niggas could learn a lot by now
(I'll go first)
Stone Mountain

[Verse 1 - Childish Gambino:]
Give a fuck about these haters man
I'm the flyest that there's ever been
I'm always reppin' Stone Mountain
You know my show is sold out
You know my smoke is so loud
It's still about his business
Stay up out my business
Flow so vicious
When niggas talkin' shit, shut they mouth, catch what this is
I walk up in the party, we took all the bitches
They love how I move, we might need a minute
God damn, Summer looking like son of Sam, I'm killin' niggas
Hang with models and a couple strippers
She love my music so I nutted in her
Damn I'm decent, Liam Neeson
I'm takin' over, you plain sober
Gassed up and you finished last
I'm crying nigga, that's tear gas
Woooh, now I'm flexing
Was that fire? Bitch you guessed it (Oh shit!)

[Hook - Steve G Lover:]
I bet you I can make that ass hot
C'mon bae, drop it like a ass shot
Say my sixteen will make that ass hot
Song done, drop it like a ass shot
Boy stuntin' got they ass hot
Go on nigga, drop 'em like a ass shot
Jump on this beat and get they ass hot
Go on girl, drop it like a ass shot

[Verse 2 - Steve:]
I am, the prince, two cups, always
Our team, got money, stunt hard, so don't hate
Fall off, no way, we run it, it's too late
We smoke sour, call that flowers
I just blew, a bouquet
My girl, so sweet, like Crème brûlée
But still, she that hood, like red Kool-Aid
We on top, toupée, I got hits, like touché
I just did Rome in one day
I just flew out to Croat-ia
I'm independent man and still doin' major
Young King so flashy got me lookin' like lazers
Atlanta housewife I can make ya like Phaedra
So let's play my, I'mma play ya
Get bands, then head to la playa
My niggas is bias
My brothers the owner, fuck with 'em get higher
G-lover spit fire, that flame is saliva
We're riders that got Nick Cannon's now
Make 'em drop you like Mariah, wassup


[Verse 3 - Swank:]
Start her off with gin and tonic, mine's a double
Out in Vegas fool, you know I'm bettin' double
Double your car note, double your mama rent
Ain't shit but house money, I ain't spent a cent
Mo' money mo' problems, yeah that's official
I just throw cash at it, that's my issue, it's hard
So I feed my boo boo hard that moo moo bags
If she need mo', then girl I miss you, bye
But ain't no lookin' back
Cause I know it's a salt pile (you salty?)
I'm goin' Chevy with metallic fuckin' gun style
No door handle, she high tryna figure how
While my auto mobile looks like Girls Gone Wild
That's top off, nigga drop offs
Slidin' dirty with yo' dame
OG sativa baby, watch ahead for that air plane
Fuck with my money, and I'm at your house like the mail came
You meet the Swank lion, beast mode, untamed


[Verse 4 - Fam:]
Big homie have you seen her
She got the Dobrev, all white nina
Packed like Serena, maybe Trina
Shit I don't know, they both got ass
So of course he came to give you all these courses
And you can't ignore 'em, cause these hoes adore 'em
Words hot, don't slur 'em
I just speak up, so please ho, keep up
Please ho, keep up
Ok, ok, ok, she ain't getting money, no way
I met her on a Monday, but I fucked her back to Sunday
I told her she my Brandy, I'm her one and only Wanya
Till she drove off the driveway in her '97 Hyundai, bitch

Childish Gambino @ The Atrium lyrics - Childish Gambino

This Friday
It's Childish Gambino
At The Atrium
It's going down

(No matter what you say and what you do)

He's back home
And he's ready
To stunt

(I wanted you to know)

It's Childish Gambino
And all of ROYALTY
Plus he's bringing special guests
Every Atlanta athlete

(That's what I'm talking about
Homies over hoes, homies over hoes)

We've got that girl from season 2
Of The Bad Girls Club

(What did you say nigga?
Oh yeah!)

You can't miss it
Take it from Childish Gambino

Aye, what's up, this is Childish Gambino
I'll be at The Atrium
This Friday
Off of Memorial Drive

What the fuck does that mean?


What the fuck is he talking about?

This Friday at the Atrium
Everybody's babies mama gets in f-f-f-f-free
If you went to Stephenson High School
At any point
You get in free!
If you are on the Atlanta Twerk Team
You get in free!
Or if you know someone on the Atlanta Twerk Team
You get in free!
Or if you can bring the Atlanta Twerk Team
You get in absolutely free!

(Turn down for what)

It's Childish Gambino
Get there
This Friday night
And everyone please
Have a blessed Martin Luther King day

U Don't Have To Call - Childish Gambino

[Gambino:] Yeah, where'd you guys go?

[Girls:] To where, In Atlanta?

[Strip Club Queen:] When I used to live here, I was the strip club queen

[Fam:] Wait, wait, so what's up with Follies? Like lemme know

[Strip Club Queen:] Follies is my favorite strip club ever, in Atlanta

[Gambino:] Follies is the realest

[Strip Club Queen:] I swear to god-Follies is the realest, more-so because they have international bitches in there, you got bitches from Cambodia, you got bitches from fucking Italy, you got bitches from fucking Africa, you got bitches from...Kansas, you got bitches from everywhere in Follies

Situations will arise, in our lives
But you gotta be smart about it
Celebrations, with the guys
I sacrificed, cause you could not sleep without it
Girl I, cause I loved you
You were my girl
See I, thought the world of you
But so you know
You don't have to call baby no
Cause imma be alright tonight
You don't have to call baby no
Imma be alright tonight

[DJ Drama:]
My man
I waited, I waited, and waited
For the phone call
And then I served you what she was asking for
Nah, you ain't gotta make that call now
Stone Mountain, yeah, you started running that thing after us

We are very rare
10% of a foster home trying to Cinderella this shit
This melanin pit they placed us in and said get out
No blueprint, hell's cruiseship
Took him and her, who made him and her
Who made him and her who made her
Who ran away from the south at 14 pregnant
Who made her who came back to the south
Atlanta, Georgia who made me
Funny hairline, white name
Blonde dreads, African name, both of our parents
Original black hippies, so what?
Little 5 point to Avondale to Stone Crest
You out in Lithonia though
But fuck that, I'm a high class nigga
I catch you out at Lenox
Nah fuck that, I'm looking for hoes at Atlantic Station
Nah fuck that, I'm at South DeKalb Mall
Really in the parking lot, leaning on some broke niggas Camry
The pic you sent last night says you really with the shits
My leather passenger seat exhales
Wasn't ready for all that
Cause it's not me
I mean who is right?
Imma take you to Tongue & Groove
There's $20 to wear my hat inside
I give em $100 and tell em to pay for it for the niggas behind me
They playing Jeezy like that shit came out yesterday
Thug motivation, I was never a thug and they used to respect me for it
But now the game's fucked up and I gotta Michael Coreleone these niggas
Quiet, confident, I talked to her
She came with you, but she left with me
And now she's in the passenger seat
So, where we going?
Just the way
Which leaves you standing there thinking
You don't have to call, baby

Candler Road lyrics - Childish Gambino

[Verse 1:]
I ain't lovin' these fake hoes, room smellin' like 8 Swishers
Room service like 2K, NBA, I'm ballin', nigga
All them niggas, fallin' like Autumn, nigga
Talkin' shit, I saw them niggas, now their daughter want a picture
Rough ain't it? Fuck famous
Niggas too real, got the most haters
Wrote a story so Stephen Curry: how it feel to be golden?
Why was I chosen?
Hanalei Bay with my bae, what can I say?
I did it, my timin' was perfect, I'm comin', they know it
Becomin' the last great American poet
The flow Lindsay Lohan
Tired nigga, retire nigga
My word is art like a hieroglyphic
What island is this?
Cabernet, I can smell her talk
She wanna swim but can barely walk
She 'fraid of sharks, she'd hate my lawyer
Atlanta, Georgia, got somethin' for yah
I'm doin' somethin', stay wit' it
I sport the Oakland A fitted
Cause it's moneyball and I'm throwin' funny
But all the kids'll go get it
God dammit I'm ill
I got one question for the haters, is your girl on the pill?
I'm playin' though, but like really, really?

Oh man
Oh man, oh man, oh man
I got a hook for this, it's like
I love you all the time
Somethin' like that

[Verse 2:]
I'm the man forever
They can't let a nigga live cause the life is better
85 everyday, why'd I bring this sweater?
I fell asleep on the beach, tiny pink umbrella
Fell out of my drink, she yellin', "What we doin' tonight?"
50k their first week, you ain't doin' it right
Young Bino best friends with the show promoters
Good year, my career is floatin', it's all me
Cause I stay real, the worst pain, niggas don't feel
Cause they ain't feel a nigga, tried to kill a nigga
But he still went stupid
Silver stones honorin' the game so clueless
These niggas ain't us
Hopin' that I diss you back so I can make you famous
I'm just tired of haters
The AK goin' off, sound like cicadas
We the clique all day, man I'm so Decatur
Me and Fam backstage, yeah I know you hate us
But you gotta pay us
Let 'em speak at my peak in the game for a minute
But I don't know how
All these light skinned niggas came back in style
Ye lied to us, pretty girls at my concerts
Flow so cold so you know it was my verse
Stank attitude but I like the way she diddy bop
Puffin' white O's, body bang somethin' Nitty Scott
They want the old Bino so they try to rewind
The new Bino too ahead of his time
In a couple of years, they'll have to say I birthed a couple careers
Chances are get your boy a couple of ears, you know it

Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh
I love you all the time
I don't have words for this part
But I know it should sound like this
To love you all the time

All Y'all lyrics - Childish gambino

Now it's the B to the izzo
You know what it is I'mma stunt on the d-low
Watch me get it in, spin in the seat, black as can be
Rolling it up, giving a fuck, like I'm a slut
Bino that's my baby what he doin out at the club?
Fuck about your dress code, my dress code is I got a big bank roll
I think so, time to give these niggas something else
Island in the summer best believe that shit ain't common wealth
Smile on her face best believe she wearing nothing else
Watch the sun set that's a feeling that she never felt
We were born free, that's my God given
How a god living? Fantastic, fans spazz when they see ya man passing
I'm in the Aston Martin, unforgivable blackness beg your pardon
All my Jack Johnson nigga, all my shows sell tix like Boston nigga
Put this on at the cook out, let me see you shmoney
Old school on the XM got your Auntie singing "Hola Hola Ayy"
Hit the dream too hard, I'm the new young god
This the new mixtape, but it's still the same game
How you gon be the don, when don half my name?
How you gon be the goat, when we are not the same?
I be feeling all this money but motherfuck the fame
It's the young Bino, I'm in your bae like Oakland
In my bed out of breath I never been this open
If you niggas can't hear me it's the weed I'm smoking
When I opened up the door I had the manager coughing like
"The hotels charging you a maintenance fee"
Gave that nigga 2 stacks and said I'm here all week
Let me roll OG, let me talk my shit
How you hotter than me? You ain't got no hits
You just got a hot feature
Bare sole on the track so my feet hurt
Do some research, know my origin
I'm the new black, fuck oranges
Yeah, that's that nigga that yall love to hate
Redbone like golden gate
Childish yall know the name, getting hate from Charlemagnes
Last year things done changed, I was thinking bout killing y'all
I was working all night long, white bitches like King Kong
Getting money my theme song, do what ever I want
Fuck your clique do what I want, fuck your bitch do what I want
Here's some shit you niggas didn't know
Probably wrote your nigga verse
Probably wrote your nigga video
High as fuck on Arsenio
Chosen, now they show my my respect nigga
Frozen, Disney movie round his neck nigga
I told ya, I'm the best right now
From Atlanta where them niggas in your chest like "blow"
Royalty equal sign black philosophers
Became a top 5 cause nobody else was stopping us
They want me Hopsin but I'm popping and getting confident
God forbid we give him props for the job he did man it's not be some slobbering
I mean, fuck, do you want more?
I'm killing these niggas but still on tour
Fuck is y'all for?

This is for all of y'all
One day everyone's falling off
So right now we should all ball out
Life's too short to not all out
I don't know what I really need
But I'd rather be smoking weed
I don't know what I really need, yeah
But I'd rather be smoking weed

Go DJ lyrics - Childish Gambino

Yo I want to give a special shout out to DJ Drama, for letting me do this
I really appreciate it (And it's like this)
Hey go DJ! (That's my DJ!)
Hey go DJ! (That's my DJ!)
Hey go DJ! (Uhh, yeah, uhh)

Stuntin' 101, I'm doing shit that ya'll never done
Talking from TVs and movies, these the choppers to Uzis
Nothing can bruise me, nigga this is more than a movement
My squad is forever, we ain't getting annulments
New song on your speakers got me getting enormous
Played a performance, niggas getting paid on performance
A lot of ya'll hate cause my women is gorgeous
I mean they a work of art, something out of a portrait
I mean I'm a work of art, all my verses is poetry
Niggas is different, you chicken, we ain't fucking with poultry
Bunch of crab ass bloggers got me allergic to shellfish
If I fell off in a day, man, these niggas be helpless
I be bringing on a plane 'till you lames get mailed it
It's ROYALTY and, nigga, I'm the king like Elvis
I don't talk about it, let them niggas conversate
What's the song about it? Give a D and smoke a J
We don't play, I'm so on a bench, money is the stench
Let me vent, I'mma smoke 'em out, circles from her mouth
What's my favorite sound? "Oh my God I'm cumming"
Second favorite sound? "Oh that sound like money"
Oh that sound like freedom
Oh that sound gon' need a feature but he didn't need him
I'm coming back like Jesus, color Reeces Pieces
That's the money down here, we gon' need a visa
Bread like he Anita
That's my DJ, thank you DJ Drama
Came in this bitch like my baby mama
I believe in karma so I run the summer
All I got is checks, check out all these commas
Check out how I'm eating, it is very cool
James White a nigga, man I'm such a fool
I'm doing me so cold, this nigga spitting so cold
This girl 20 years old, she know she 'bout to get choose
That rabbit hole, I'm talking shit, but I'm rapping though
And that IRS and I'm taxing hoes and I saw the check
And said "add some o's, add some o's!"
Why my clique so animal? Why my clique so Set It Off?
When I'm Queen Latifah you know I'm eatin', I fucked it up
Niggas think we ain't tough enough, niggas think we was born rich
Niggas thinking a lot of shit, niggas don't know a wars coming
Niggas don't know I saw something, killing trees, Paul Bunyon
Bunyon foot, foot clan, klans man... Alamo
Stream of conscious, I don't know
Flow was done a long time ago, and I feel for niggas who save a ho
I ain't got time and I'm throwing up like gang signs
But that was not the case
You niggas wish your lifestyle was nice as my place
I'm eating off these white kids, I don't need their plate
We burning down that blue dream, she sitting on my face
I'd leave it on her backside, but that'd be a waste
That be a waste, that be a waste

First I want to give a shout out to DJ Drama
I really appreciate it
I wanna give a shout out to DJ Rhetorik
He did all the cuts and all the scratches
Frankie Robinson out there in Chicago
Leandro Rush, and T in Ohio
Yesi Ortiz, these are all DJs
E-man, LA Leakers, DJ Reflex
Everybody out in LA
Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds
Everybody at Hot 97
Everybody at Power 105
People down at V103
DJ Iceberg over at Hot
You've been fucking with me since the beginning
Melody McCloskey
Ryan Sarver
Owen Brainard
Matt Mullenweg
Sergey Brin
Jack Dorsey
Angela Benton
That's about it, I'm sure there's people I forgot
But, you're appreciated regardless
I hope you enjoy the mixtape
And then I woke up

Sober lyrics - Childish gambino

And now that's it's over, I'll never be sober
I couldn't believe, but now I'm so high
And now that's it's over, I'll never be sober
I couldn't believe, but now I'm so high
Now I'm so high
Now I'm so high
Now I'm so high

Girl, what's your problem
Cause I know it's hard sometimes, baby just give it some time
Oh honey now girl, we can solve them
If you just give me some time I can open up your mind
If you le-le-let it shine, you can free-ee-ee your mind
Cause I know


Girl, if it's done right
Well you know it's got to be, something wonderful to me
Oh honey now girl, give it one night
If you just give it a chance, loving you is not my plan
Cause I know one day you'll see
All the things that we can be

And now that's it's over, I'll never be sober
(I want to be the only one)
I couldn't believe, but now I'm so high
And now that's it's over, I'll never be sober
I couldn't believe, but now I'm so high
But now I'm so

And now that's it's over, I'll never be sober
I couldn't believe, but now I'm so high
Now I'm so high
Now I'm so high
Now I'm so high

Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good) lyrics - Childish Gambino (feat. Jaden Smith)

Now that we have found this love, baby
I can't explain my feel, oh
Now that we have found this love, baby
I've never felt this real, oh
Loving you is all I know, baby
You make me feel so high, oh no
I just wanna feel your love, baby
You know I'm down to ride, oh no no

When your song is on and your hand's in mine
And I'm holding you tight, make it feel good
Let me hold it down, I'm so glad we found
It's whatever you like, make it feel good

Make it feel good, make it feel good, alright
Make it feel good, make it feel good
Make it feel good, make it feel good, alright
Make it feel good, make it feel good

Now that we have found this love, baby
These haters can't say shit, oh
I know sometimes it's hard when I'm so far
I know you miss this di-love
Let's go somewhere far away, baby
Where we don't need no phone, oh
Cause now that we have found this love, baby
You'll never feel alone, oh oh



All my friends are telling me, oh
You need to slow it down, yeah
But I'm so tired of wasting all this time
I need your love right now
Give it to me right now, oh yeah
All that I want now, oh yeah, yeah, yeah
All that I want now, oh yeah, yeah, yeah
All that I want now, yeah
Oh, give it to me now
Give it to me now, oh
Oh yeah, give it to me right

Make you feel good, make you feel good, alright
Make you feel good, make you feel good
Make you feel good, make you feel good, alright
Make you feel good, make you feel good

[Jaden Smith:]
I used to walk on the beach at night. I remember. The best time was when, well, me and you, we got all our friends and we got a tent. We slept in it. Not the whole night, but just enough time. Magic happened, nothing was born luckily. It's up to me, but then we left. The times have changed. The pleasures that I feel. They say you never say never, it's real. Electric eels in the water, we should probably not go deep. I like to stare at you and look at you when you sleep. I'd like to write a poem for you, leave it for you in your room. Under the moon, romance. Hold on, brother

Retro (Rough) lyrics - Childish Gambino

Uh uh
Yeah we gon' get it
Uh uh
Oh no no no

We can go together
It doesn't really matter
We can get there
We can do it if we try
You know that I love you
Put no one else above you
We can get there
We can do it if we try

Young Bino in the house like an B&E
Why I'm looking so fly
I'm just being me
Moved up, weed
In my girl clutch
White girls so
The twelve ain't never really searched
Smoke cars, swear to god
Need a bigger purse
Royalty, I'm the boss, we ain't gotta work
Lay it out on the island
She Hawaiian, wonder if she let me slide in
The OG making noise like a firetruck
Flew in, touched down
Then we light 'em up
I've been saying that the clique
There's alot of us
Talk shit
But nobody else ontop of us
Got popular
This the real shit
Get [?] in the face
With a full clip
Get [?] in the aim
Niggas don't slip
Then get [?]
With the case just for sellin' it
I know them gorillas
I hang with them killers
They paint 'em as villains
When really they livin'
We got abroad
This is world war three
I'm the new Jay-Z
I ain't write shit down
I'mma steal that crown
I'mma do that thing
Girl you sweeter than mango
How we cool and confident
With hair like Django
How we walk in the room
And the girls they notice
'Cus they know you bogus
I'm the man you noticed


I'mma show you how to do this
It's easy when you
Let go, let go
Didn't mean to make you nervous
The booty lookin' retro retro
You can be the moon to me
And I can be your spotlight (spotlight)
And if you think I'm ballin'
You shoulda seen me last night, last night
Fuck that, fuck ya'll and the po-po's
Down under, surfin' on the gold coast
I'm looking for the truth in a blunt
And I ain't got a home
Let's stunt
So baby if you feel like you wanna leave
I ain't afraid to drop a couple skymiles
The game ain't easy
We both deserve a little bit of timeout

We can go together
It doesn't really matter
'Kay, one, two, three, go!
Oh, hey
Oh, hey, ah
Are we done?